Did WordPress 2.2 Update Today

This is just a quick post to test everything and list what I did for future reference. Who knows maybe somebody will get an idea from it. I just got finished with a bunch of little changes to my set up and wanted to get WordPress 2.2 while the custom stuff is fresh in my mind.

I have been stressing a lot lately over duplicate content issues, and some of my changes are because of that.

  • <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow" />

    I put this on all category and archive pages. I’m just wanting Google to index the main page and the individual pages.

  • Make a note not to hit Preview before a Save. I just did and have to redo some. This is my first post with FCKEditor plugin and that is new for me. It’s a new 2.4.3 version and has a lot more html friendly features. Download here from Google Code.
  • Grabbed a hack to put nofollow on the Blogrolls links and can select which ones.
  • Found out how to use the "more tag" to truncate the posts in the category areas and on the main page.
  • Edited /wp_includes/general-template.php to give nofollow on the Admin and logout links. See wp_register() and wp_loginout() there.
  • Edited /sidebar.php in the theme edit area to make my Entries RSS, Comments RSS, and WordPress links nofollow. I’ll have to keep an eye on this to make sure some feed bot is not stopped by this.
  • Used the plugin editor to fix the Subscribe Me plugin icon links to show nofollow.

Well all and all the update to WordPress 2.2 went very smoothly. And this FCKEditor plugin is really nice. Now only time will tell if all this tighting up will get me out of the Supplemental zone. I think I like getting everything ready better than actually posting.

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